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The information below is intended to give an insight into some of the dental treatment we offer at Kirkshaws Dental Practice. This will hopefully give you some basic dental knowledge so that together we can plan your care and treatment to keep your teeth and gums healthy, giving you a happy and confident smile!

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Prevention & Oral Hygiene

Prevention and early detection is a necessity in avoiding costly and extensive dental treatment. We recommend six monthly check ups in most cases.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Advances in technology and materials mean that we can now offer treatment to improve the appearance of your teeth, with changes to shape, colour or both to give you a confident smile.

This kind of treatment is aimed at giving you natural looking teeth and a great looking smile as well as the ability to eat anything you like!

Filling Materials

There are now many improved materials available that can be matched in colour to the tooth and will bond to the tooth surface.


Crowns are often needed to strengthen and restore a tooth that has been extensively damaged by decay or trauma.


When teeth are lost or missing, the gap can be filled with a bridge.


Restore broken and chipped teeth after accidents.

Denture stabilisation: wearing dentures can be tiresome - loose and difficult dentures can be stabilised with implants or mini implants, allowing you to eat and smile with confidence once again.


Porcelain veneers can be used to change the shape or position of a front tooth or to improve the appearance by masking discolouration, or rough enamel.

Teeth Whitening

As we get older, teeth can often become stained and discoloured, since teeth can gradually absorb colour from things like coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco. Tooth whitening can return the brightness and remove the staining.

Root Canal Treatment

If a tooth’s pulp (nerve and blood supply) becomes infected or inflamed, root canal treatment is the only way to save the tooth by clearing the infection.


We work together with the patient to give you the appearance you want.

Six Month Smiles

Short-term orthodontic treatment & clear braces. Gives patients the most attractive option to get the smile they always wanted.

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